Bakersfield Amusement Park Injury Attorney

When people go to amusement parks, they expect thrilling rides and fun activities like games. One thing that nobody expects when they go to an amusement park is that they will suffer a serious injury. While outcomes injury and death may be rare, incidents like these happen every year. The victims of amusement park injury will need funds to cover their medical expenses and other damages like lost wages. A theme park can be a very tough opponent to face in legal proceedings and fair compensation may not be forthcoming unless you hire a personal injury lawyer to press the issue.

Amusement park injury claims for negligence

A Bakersfield amusement park injury attorney will handle claims that have a range of different theories of liability behind them. Negligence tends to be a common basis for liability with amusement park accidents. In a nutshell, a negligence claim means that the defendant failed to meet a legal obligation to protect the injured party from harm. In many cases, this will be the negligence of a park employee. If the employee acts in a way that is careless and it results in injury for a visitor of the park, then the company that operates the park can be held liable for the actions of the negligent employee.

Product liability in amusement park accidents

Some amusement park injury claims will also have an element of product liability law. If a ride or a part of a ride is defective in its design or improperly maintained, then the plaintiff may have a product liability claim. This claim could be against the company that designed and manufactured the ride, a maintenance provider or the company that made the faulty part. The park may still be held liable along with these other parties if it is a product liability claim because the park itself was still and agent that played a role in exposing you to the dangers of the ride. With these claims, there are a lot of factors that can help to determine who is liable and whether they share liability with any other possible defendants.

The Quirk Law Group is here to help

If you have a claim against an amusement park, then you need the advice of a skilled personal injury lawyer. At the Quirk Law Group, our Bakersfield amusement park injury attorneys are committed to getting justice for the victims of wrongful death and injury at amusement parks. Contact our offices for more information about what we can do in the representation of your interests.