Alhambra Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most devastating injuries that a person can suffer. Not only can these injuries have a dramatic impact on the life of the individual, but it is also very likely to have a negative effect on the lives of close family members and friends. If an injury such as this is caused by the negligence of another party, you will need help from an Alhambra spinal cord injury attorney.

What makes spinal cord injuries so serious?

The seriousness of spinal cord injuries is directly related to the important role that the spinal cord plays in the human nervous system. The spinal cord is the major nerve pathway that carries signals to and from the brain. When these nerves suffer an injury, it disrupts the transmission of these signals and this can impact a range of different body functions. In many situations, these injuries cannot be completely rehabilitated and this will lead to a lifetime of pain, disability and an extended need for medical care.

Compensation for a spinal cord injury

For a person that has suffered a spinal cord injury, compensation for their loss is of the highest importance. A lifetime of pain and disability is not only going to diminish the overall quality of the individual’s life, but it is also going to make it difficult for them to make a living. Along with that, the claimant is going to need extensive medical care that is likely to cost into the many thousands of dollars. When somebody causes this type of damage to be inflicted upon another person, it is only right that they financially compensate the injured party. In a perfect world, the negligent party would offer fair compensation without a problem, but the reality is that you are likely to need a personal injury lawyer if you want to recover damages.

Hire a spinal cord injury lawyer

The attorneys at the Quirk Law Group have experience with these cases and we understand the scope of your loss. With injuries like these, your life has probably been changed forever and in ways that you could not have imagined beforehand. When your life has been changed in such a way, you deserve compensation and our Alhambra spinal cord injury attorneys are ready to help you fight for what is rightfully yours.