Alhambra Public Transportation Accidents

The different modes of public transportation that are available in the Los Angeles area offer residents a great way to get around. However, along with the many benefits of public transportation, there are a few problems. One problem that exists in public transportation is the fact that riders can and do get injured while they are in transit. Public transportation accidents can cause serious injury and the victims of these accidents may need an Alhambra public transportation accident attorney to help them recover compensation.

Alhambra MetroLink accidents

The MetroLink is a convenient train system that has helped to relieve congestion on our highways and provided a convenient way for residents to move about the region. Just like any other rail system in the nation, the MetroLink does have some risk of accident and injury for its riders. These trains have been involved in a few high-profile collisions with passengers being seriously injured and in a few cases, passengers have even lost their lives. Since the accidents, the MetroLink has revised its safety protocols and redesigned the trains and we hope that these measures work to provide a safer commute for riders, but there is always the potential for an accident to occur.

Investigating public transportation accidents

Depending on the type of public transportation and the nature of the accident, the investigation into one of these incidents can be difficult. Your personal injury lawyer will need to determine whether it was negligence on the part of the operator or it could be a faulty component on the vehicle. To determine these factors and understand what they mean for a personal injury claim, it takes a skilled attorney with knowledge of public transportation and the industries around it.

Your legal team may need to employ the use of an expert in crash reconstruction or experts that can analyze and understand the components of the train. Your lawyer will need to know all of the different types of records and log books that can be available from the transportation provider and regulatory agencies. An inexperienced lawyer may not know what to look for and this could cost you in a personal injury claim.

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