Fire Damage to Homes

Californians know the hazards of fire especially the damage it can cause to your home.  We understand the losses are often irreplaceable.  We also know that insurance companies do not treat your claim personally, but rather as data.

Fire Damage

Fire damage to your property is a life changing experience.  The damage may result in  complete destruction of your home, your personal property, your family items, priceless heirlooms and pieces of family history.

The damage may be the result a wildfire, from smoke, earthquake, faulty wiring, arson or some other source.  Whatever the cause of the damage, you have  options to get compensation.

Are You Protected

Most homeowners policies will have basic coverage, but often this is not the reality.  Insurance companies are not in the business to pay you for your losses unless they are forced to cover the losses in accordance with the policy.

It is important to check your policy to make sure you items and property are protected.

What Can You Do

Protect your property.  Make sure you report  in detail all property that was damaged or destroyed.  Having an accurate record will ensure you are on the right path to getting just compensation.

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