Ventura County Trauma Centers

Ventura County provides travelers with winding mountain roads and curvy stretches of coastal highway. The views can be impressive, but the hazards for motorists in places like Thousand Oaks and Oxnard are always present. A distracted driver’s veer out of an opposing lane or a reckless driver’s loss of control in a curve can cause frightening accidents.

A head-on impact, a sideswipe, or a rollover accident could result. These types of car accidents often produce the most severe injuries seen in local collisions. In the most extreme cases, victims can need a flight to a trauma center where the most advanced life-saving care is available.

Finding Assistance for Trauma Victims in Ventura County

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What is a Trauma Center?

Trauma centers are emergency departments with specialized doctors, surgeons, and nurses who practice care for people with severe injuries. Trauma teams are equipped and staffed to provide life-saving aid for people with major injuries.

Those extreme injuries often fall under a few categories. Blunt Force Trauma is experienced in impacts such as car accidents, falls, or a powerful blow inflicted by machinery. A penetrating wound is a cut or puncture that goes through the skin to damage internal tissue, blood vessels, and organs. Gunshot wounds and stabbings are often behind a penetrating wound.

Traumatic burn victims also require immediate assistance from a trauma team. They can be caused by heat and exposure to flames. Wounds caused by friction, cold, radiation, chemical, and electric sources also cause traumatic injuries.

What Are the Trauma Center Designations?

California designates its trauma centers on a Level 1 to Level 4 guideline. A Level 1 trauma center provides the most advanced care and usually staffs the most specialized surgeons to handle almost any type of injury you could suffer.

Level I and Level II trauma Centers and pediatric trauma centers provide similar levels of care. However, a Level I Trauma Center usually provides more opportunities for research, teaching, and public awareness campaigns.

Level III and Level IV trauma centers provide immediate stabilization for patients. If staff surgeons and available medical equipment can’t provide the proper care then a patient may be transferred to a Level I or Level II facility.

What Type of Trauma Care is Offered in Ventura County?

For emergency care in Ventura County the location of the patient, either on the east or west side of the county, will likely determine what trauma center is chosen for care.

In the western portion of the county, Ventura County Medical Center offers a Level II trauma care facility near downtown Ventura. Their trauma team employs specialized surgeons covering neurosurgery, orthopedic, and general surgery cases.



Department of Trauma Services
300 Hillmont Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 652-6703

Thousand Oaks

On the eastern side of the county, Los Robles Regional Medical Center is also home to a Level II trauma team. The center also provides a STEMI-designated heart attack center for rapid heart attack response.

Los Robles Regional Medical Center
215 West Janss Rd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

(805) 497-2727

Santa Barbara

For the most devastating injuries suffered by adults or children, patients could be flown to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. They provide Level I trauma care for Santa Barbara County and for Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties. They offer the only Level I trauma facility between Los Angeles and San Jose.

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

400 W. Pueblo St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

(805) 682-7111

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