West Covina Brain Injury Attorney

An injury to the brain can be a very serious matter and the aftermath of a brain injury can be devastating. Millions of Americans suffer some form of traumatic brain injury every year and thousands of these people endure long-term disability as a result. Many of these injuries are preventable and in a lot of cases, the injury is caused by the negligence of another person. People that have been injured due to the fault of another party may have the right to compensation and a West Covina brain injury lawyer can help them to recover it.

About traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries happen all the time. Most of them are mild concussions that do not lead to long-term consequences, but many are more severe. With the more severe brain injuries, the person may suffer brain damage that causes them to be temporarily or permanently disabled. This could put them out of work for a time and cause them to need expensive medical treatment. Severe brain injuries could also lead to a lifetime need for care to assist the person with everyday life. For an individual that has suffered a traumatic brain injury, the cost of treatment and in home care will be more than the average person could handle and this financial burden will be even worse because it is very likely that they will be unable to work.

Why you need a brain injury lawyer

A claim that involves a brain injury is very complex and it usually takes a skilled personal injury lawyer to bring these cases to a fair conclusion. To get compensation, the claimant not only needs to demonstrate that they were injured and that the injury was in some way the fault of the defendant, but you also need to demonstrate the value of the claim. An attorney that has experience with traumatic brain injury lawsuits will know how to build a case that not only shows that the defendant was responsible for the injury, but one that will also accurately reflect the real value of the damages.

Contact us for help

People that have suffered a brain injury need to make sure that they have the protection that comes with experienced representation. Accepting an offer from an insurer without consulting with an attorney could cost you compensation that you not only deserve, but money that you are very likely to need. Before making any decisions that could affect the rest of your life, contact the West Covina brain injury attorneys at the Quirk Law Group. We can make sure that you are getting what is rightfully owed to you and work on your behalf to make sure that your interests are being looked after.