Santa Monica Brain Injury Attorney

Brain injuries can have very serious consequences for those that they affect and the litigation that may be connected with these injuries can be very complicated. For people that have sustained a traumatic brain injury, there might be a need to seek compensation from a liable party and a Santa Monica brain injury attorney can help you with this type of case. The Quirk Law Group has worked with several clients on these claims and we know what it takes to make a successful brain injury claim.

The causes of traumatic brain injury

A brain injury occurs when a force acts upon the brain of an individual. This can be an actual impact or it can be a jolt that jars the head in such a way that it damages the brain. Brain injuries can also be closed or open head injuries. Many occur as the result of everyday activities and it is important to be aware of the types of events that might cause them.

  • Car accidents: Traffic accidents and other roadway incidents are one of the more common causes of brain injuries. The passengers in a vehicle are very susceptible to brain injury when there is an impact.
  • Falls: A fall is another one of the more common causes of TBI. It could be a fall from a ladder, slipping or tripping on an obstacle or it could be from a tumble down a flight of stairs.
  • Sports injury: Many sports pose the risk of head and brain injuries and they do not have to contact sports for this danger to exist. While a sport like football does pose a significant risk, a fall from a bike or a diving mishap at the pool can cause a brain injury.
  • Violent attack: Violence is also another potential cause of traumatic brain injury. This could include everything from being struck with an attacker’s fists to the injury being inflicted by a gunshot.

The potential effects of TBI

Brain injuries can vary in so many ways and there are so many factors that can determine how they impact the life of the individual. In the more mild cases, it could just be a few days of feeling a little off, but in the most extreme cases, the person could potentially die or be disabled for the rest of his or her life. Part of the problem with brain injuries is that many of the effects may not be obvious in the initial hours and days following the event that caused it and some of them may not be easy to connect with the injury.  With symptoms that can have both psychological and physical effects on the individual, these injuries can be some of the most difficult for a person to deal with.

Personal injury law and traumatic brain injuries

When you have a claim for a brain injury, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer that has experience with this type of lawsuit. Your legal team will need a strong knowledge in regard to the medical issues that affect brain injury survivors and they will also need to understand how to apply this knowledge to your individual case. For a Santa Monica brain injury attorney that cares about your case and how your injuries have affected you as an individual, call the Quirk Law Group.