Amusement Park Injury Attorney in Santa Monica

Amusement park injuries tend to occur under a unique set of circumstances that are very different from that of your average personal injury claim. For this reason, it is recommended that claimants in these cases seek the representation of a Santa Monica amusement park injury attorney.

What makes amusement park injuries different?

While some amusement park injuries will be similar to those in other premise liability claims, the incidents that occur on rides and other attractions can make for a case that can be difficult for some personal injury attorneys to handle.

If an injury occurs on an amusement park ride, the investigation may require your legal team to have insight into the relevant engineering issues and access to experts that can help them to demonstrate the cause of the accident. In addition to this knowledge, your lawyer will also need to be aware of the laws that regulate theme parks and how to obtain the evidence that they may need from the different regulatory agencies.

For cases that involve accidents on rides, an attorney with this skill set is absolutely necessary, but even if the injury did not occur on a ride, the experience that these attorneys have with amusement park injury litigation will provide them with an edge that most personal injury lawyers do not have.

Amusement park accidents and personal injury law

Claims for amusement park injury can fall under various areas of law. It could be a personal injury claim for negligence, a premise liability claim or it could potentially have some element of product liability. Because of this and the different laws that apply to amusement parks alone, your attorney will need to have a broad base of knowledge to provide the type of representation that you will need. With a Santa Monica amusement park injury attorney from the Quirk Law Group, you have access to a legal team that has the knowledge and the skills to successfully navigate the legal issues of these claims.