San Diego Amusement Park Injury Attorney

California has some of the best amusement parks and we are truly fortunate to live near attractions that bring people from all over the world to our state. Most of the time, visitors go to the parks, have a great time and leave with memories that will last a lifetime. However, there are the unfortunate few who visit these parks and end up suffering an injury that results in long-term pain, disability and financial distress.

When there is an accident at an amusement park, people get seriously injured and the incident may even result in death. If the park holds some level of liability for the accident, then you may need the assistance of a San Diego amusement park injury attorney to help you with the claim.

Amusement park accidents

Generally, when you hear about an amusement park accident, it is going to be an accident that occurred on a ride. When injuries occur on amusement park rides, there are some common factors that usually contributed to the circumstances that led to the incident. In many cases, the guest does play some role in causing their own injury, by either failing to follow safety procedures or by behaving in a way that is unsafe while on the ride.

Though negligent behavior on the part of the guest is a common contributing factor with amusement park injuries, there are many contributing factors that can be the fault of the park. Many of these claims are the result park employees that operate the rides in an unsafe manner or fail to follow the proper safety procedures when operating the ride. In some situations, the ride itself may be dangerous as the result of inadequate maintenance or because the ride has a design flaw that makes it unsafe. Additionally, a park can be held responsible if they fail to inform guests of the potential risks of a ride or if they fail to provide adequate safety instructions to the riders.

Find and amusement park accident lawyer

Amusement park injury claims can be very complex and a range of different legal theories may affect the liability of different defendants and your rights to compensation. A San Diego amusement park injury attorney will understand all of these different legal issues and how they will impact the legal process in one of these claims.

The Quirk Law Group has the resources and the expertise that is needed to handle claims for amusement park injury. Contact our offices today and you can have an experienced personal injury lawyer working to recover compensation for your injuries and losses that resulted from an amusement park accident.