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San Diego drivers hit the road for many different reasons each day. They may need to head in early to work. The kids may need to be packed up and dropped off at school. A grocery or fast-food run along Convoy Street or Mission Road could be on the day planner.

No one plans on getting forced into a collision by a reckless driver, but unfortunately, traffic impacts are an everyday occurrence in San Diego.

After a serious crash, victims may be in shock and suffering from a major injury. Immediate medical attention is the first priority, but soon after, victims must consider how they’ll hold an at-fault driver accountable for a mistake.

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Traffic Accident Hazards for San Diego Drivers

San Diego is a busy place and that puts drivers at risk of a dangerous collision every second they are on the road. Any trip on Freeway 5 or the 805 will leave you witnessing drivers looking at their cellphones instead of the many lanes in front of them. Riding through La Jolla is sure to provide plenty of instances where a driver switches lanes without checking a blind spot.

California’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) recorded over 5,600 accidents involving injury across San Diego in 2021. According to their tragic figures, 117 traffic deaths were documented for the year.

These accidents result in thousands of victims facing long and expensive injury recoveries. Fatal accidents also leave thousands of families to face their grief and the costs of a deadly crash alone. Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC fights to earn justice for victims and their families and fair compensation for what they’ve been through.

What to Do After a San Diego Car Accident

San Diego crash victims should immediately call 911 no matter how minor they think their injuries or their car damage is. Getting San Diego Police or the California Highway Patrol to write up a collision report on what occurred is a strong defense in case your wounds end up much more serious than you thought. This also protects you in the event an unfair insurance adjuster tries to blame you for what happened.

Allow paramedics to examine your injuries and go to the emergency room if necessary. If you don’t have to leave in an ambulance and feel up to it, you can help strengthen your insurance claim by collecting evidence on the scene.

Try to secure these details:

  • Tell officers about everything you saw.
  • Take cellphone photos of the scene. Show the damage to vehicles and your injuries.
  • Find out how your San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer can reach witnesses later.
  • Get Driver’s License and Insurance Information from other drivers if officers don’t provide this information to you. If you are hit by a rideshare driver or a truck driver, find out who they work for.
  • See a doctor in the days after your accident. Follow recommendations.
  • Keep your damaged clothing and personal property as evidence.

Compensation Available to San Diego Car Accident Victims

You’ll also want to make sure every hardship you and your family are put through is well-documented in the claim you file against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

These and other factors in your recovery must be included on your car accident injury claim so they are eligible for compensation:

  • Current medical expenses and estimates on future expenses.
  • Lifelong support estimates for victims suffering a permanent physical disability.
  • Support for emotional trauma and the physical pain victims endure.
  • Travel costs for victims to medical appointments, especially while they can’t drive.
  • Past and future lost income and benefits.
  • Car replacement or repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions by San Diego Traffic Collision Victims

How long can I wait to file an accident claim after a San Diego collision?

California extends the deadline to file an injury claim to two years. Victims should act as soon as possible so that evidence will be easier to secure and witnesses can be found for testimony.

Can I receive injury compensation if I was partially to blame for my San Diego car accident?

Yes. California allows multiple drivers to share blame in an accident. You may have to accept a percentage of fault, but other drivers would have to provide injury support according to their percentage of liability.

Should I file a claim if a loved one is killed in a San Diego car accident?

Yes. Families facing funeral costs and leftover medical fees can file a wrongful death claim. They could also ask for support for the income the deceased can no longer provide to family members in the years ahead.

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