Elder Abuse Attorney in Los Angeles

Senior citizens often find themselves in a situation where they are dependent upon others for various needs. This can leave them vulnerable to different forms of abuse that can be very damaging and in some cases, life threatening. Justice can often be hard to obtain for these offenses and it may take the assistance of a Los Angeles elder abuse attorney to get compensation for these losses.

Financial elder abuse

The financial exploitation of dependent adults is probably the fastest growing form of elder abuse. A variety of different types of scammers may see an elderly individual as an easy mark for a swindle. One of the reasons that this form of elder abuse is so prevalent is because it often goes unreported. This leaves those who would commit such acts feeling secure that there is little chance of them being caught if they take advantage of an elderly person.

Financial crimes that are committed against the elderly go unreported for a variety of reasons. One reason is the pride of the individual. When a person is taken advantage of, it can be hard to come forward because it often brings feelings of shame and embarrassment. Additionally, whether it is because age is starting to take its effect on the mind or because they are just unaware of their rights, many of these victims do not realize that a crime has been committed against them.

The dishonest people that would commit such acts rely on this sort of victim profile to allow them to commit their crimes with virtual impunity. This is why it is important for the victims of financial exploitation and the people around them to understand their rights and take measures to hold these perpetrators responsible. When you fight to get justice for yourself, you are also helping to prevent the financial abuse of other potential victims.

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers and elder abuse claims

Reporting elder abuse to the proper authorities is an important step in receiving justice. However, the victims of elder abuse may have additional rights that could allow them to seek compensation from those who have done them wrong. Whether it is a case of physical abuse, neglect or financial exploitation, a personal injury lawyer can provide representation for these claims. Contact the offices of the Quirk Law Group for more information about your rights in elder abuse litigation.