Las Vegas Amusement Park Injury Attorney

For the residents and visitors of Las Vegas, there is no shortage of entertainment options. Among the attractions that you may find in the city or within driving distance, are some great amusement parks. When you make plans to spend the day at one of these parks, the idea is that you will have some fun and that you will come away from the experience with some great memories. For most visitors, that is exactly what they get, but for an unfortunate few, the trip can turn bad and result in serious injury.

Amusement park accidents

For the most part, an amusement park will provide a safe environment for their visitors. The companies that manage these parks spend a significant amount of time and money developing safety protocols and testing the rides and attractions to ensure safety. Even with this being true, mistakes still happen and injuries still occur.

When it comes to amusement park injuries, accidents that occur on rides are probably the most high profile incidents. This is because these incidents tend to be the most dramatic and they also tend to have some of the worst outcomes. While accidents on rides may get the most attention from the media, smaller incidents that are more common happen all the time at parks. Visitors may break a bone during a slip and fall or they could be injured by a trolley or tram that operates in the park.

Whether an accident occurs on a ride or not, the damage can be extensive and the park may be held liable. No matter how the individual sustained an injury, the representation of a Las Vegas amusement park injury attorney will provide the best chance of getting full compensation in the claim.

Why you need an amusement park accident lawyer

With a claim for amusement park injury, there are a lot of issues that need to be worked out. The case could be a premise liability claim, it could have some element of product liability law and you also have to understand the rules and regulations that govern the amusement park industry. If the injury occurred on a ride, then your personal injury lawyer will need to understand the engineering issues that may come into play and they will need access to the experts that can help to establish how the ride caused the injury. For a personal injury lawyer that does not have the necessary experience, this can all be very overwhelming.

How the Quirk Law Group can help

At the Quirk Law Group, we are dedicated to helping the victims of amusement park accidents. Our team is well versed in the issues that will be relevant to your claim and we will work hard to bring your case to a successful resolution. Get in touch with us today for a meeting with a skilled Las Vegas amusement park injury attorney.