Inglewood Product Liability Attorney

When we go shopping for any product, the last thing that we expect is for our purchase to pose considerable risk to our safety and in the majority of situations, we would be correct in this assumption. However, people are hurt all the time by products that are unreasonably dangerous either through a flaw in the design or manufacture. For those who have been injured by a defective product, the Inglewood product liability attorneys from the Quirk Law Group can help you with the legal struggle the is sure to ensue.

Defective medical devices

There is no doubt that medical devices improve the lives of millions of people all over the world. When used appropriately, a well-designed medical device can help a person to overcome a range of different issues including everything from the loss of hearing to heart problems and mobility issues.

While for the most part these devices offer an improved quality of life or an extended lifespan, there are some situations where these devices cause damage and make the life of the individual even more difficult and painful. In the most extreme cases, a defective medical device could even lead to death.

Like with any defective product lawsuit, a claim for a defective medical device will be a product liability claim. That being said, these claims can be significantly different from other product liability claims because there are some very complex medical and legal issues involved.

Medical device injury lawyers

With claims that are as complex as these, the claimant will need a personal injury lawyer that has a deep understanding of the issues that may be involved. First and foremost, they are going to need to be well versed in product liability law, but there are also laws that may specifically apply to a claim for a defective medical device. Along with defendants like manufacturers and distributors, a medical device claim may also include the doctors and the hospital that performed the surgery and recommended the device. That means that many of these cases will also have an element of medical malpractice as an issue.

The Quirk Law Group is here to help

Whether it is a medical device claim or any other type of product liability litigation, the team at the Quirk Law Group can get results. Our Inglewood product liability attorneys have handled claims in a variety of different types of defective product cases and we have the knowledge and the skills needed for success.