Beverly Hills Truck Accident Attorney

On any given day, there are thousands of vehicles traveling on the roads and highways in and around the Beverly Hills area. Among these vehicles are the large trucks and commercial vehicles that transport things like consumer goods and raw materials. While these vehicles are a necessary part of the economy and they help to make our society run, they do also pose a greater risk than your average passenger vehicle.

Obviously, any vehicle can cause an accident that results in serious injury or even death, but with a large vehicle like a tractor-trailer, the chances of serious consequences in the event of a collision increase. The reason for this increased chance of serious injury and fatality comes down to one simple factor: the disparity in size between a passenger vehicle and a large truck.

Why having a truck accident lawyer is important

When a person is seriously injured or killed in a truck accident, the resulting litigation is likely to be even more complicated than it would be with an accident that involved only passenger vehicles. These cases have added layers of complexity because the case not only involves all of the same legal factors that come with a regular car accident, but there are also some additional laws and regulations that apply specifically to the trucking industry. With that being the case, it is important for you to hire an experienced Beverly Hills truck accident attorney to handle these claims.

Common causes of trucking accidents

Most drivers and trucking companies do their best to avoid accidents and follow the law. However, some companies bend and break the rules and even the most careful of drivers can make mistakes sometimes. Here are some of the most common causes of trucking accidents.

  • Driver fatigue:  A driver that is in need of rest will have slower reactions and impaired judgment and this can result in an accident. While there are regulations that limit the amount of time that a driver can operate a commercial vehicle before they need rest, sometimes these rules are ignored and it can make for a dangerous situation.
  • Overloaded trucks: Every truck has a limit to the amount of cargo that it can safely hold. When these limits are exceeded, the vehicle will not handle properly and it can increase the chances of a collision.
  • Improperly secured load: When cargo is not properly secured, it can fall from the truck and cause an accident or it could shift the weight of the truck and cause the driver to lose control.
  • Insufficient driver training: Every state has licensing requirements for commercial drivers and training guidelines that apply to drivers that will operate large trucks. When a driver does not have the required training or experience, they may not know how to handle the vehicle through all of the situations that they may encounter.
  • Equipment failure: Equipment failure can happen in a variety of different ways. The truck might be lacking maintenance, it could be a defective part and it could be repair that was not performed properly.
  • Driving under the influence: Just like with driving any vehicle, driving while under the influence is hazardous and it can cause an accident.
  • Distracted driving: In passenger vehicles and in trucks, distracted driving is one of the most common causes of collisions. The driver might be answering a mobile phone, using the radio or possibly eating. Any activity that takes your eyes, hands or mind away from the task of driving is a distraction.

Contact a Beverly Hills Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident lawsuit can be very complex and getting fair compensation will usually require the services of a skilled attorney that understands all of the issues that will come into play. If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, contact the team from the Quirk Law Group today. We have the experience and the knowhow to help you through the litigation and to get you the compensation that you deserve.