Bakersfield Public Transportation Accident Attorney

A well-run, affordable public transportation system provides a great service to the community. It can serve a range of different travel needs while helping to decongest the highways and reduce the pollution that our society creates. Even with all of the practical benefits that come with a public transportation, we still need to be aware of some of the problems that can occur.

With so many people using the different forms of public transportation, the occasional accident is bound to happen from time to time. When people get hurt as the result of factors like negligence or poor maintenance, the carrier owes them restitution for their loss. However, success in your claim may come down to whether you have a competent personal injury lawyer on your side.

The responsibility of a carrier

A Bakersfield public transportation accident attorney may handle claims that relate to many different types of public transportation carriers. We have many different forms of transport that can be considered public carriers and there are differences between the entities that manage the operations of the different carriers. Regardless of the type of carrier that you are traveling, they do have certain legal obligations to protect the safety of those who may interact or come in contact with their vehicles.

  • The carrier has to make sure that their employees have the proper training and licensing to operate the vehicle.
  • They have the obligation to perform regular inspections on the vehicles and to maintain the machinery to ensure the safety of the public.
  • A carrier has to take reasonable measures to make sure that areas for waiting and boarding are safe and secure.
  • There is an obligation to correct any design flaws when they are discovered and to change operating procedures if they are found to be unsafe.

Public transportation injury lawyers

A claim for a public transportation injury is not your average injury claim. A whole host of additional issues may come into play and you need an attorney that is prepared to handle whatever may come your way. An attorney that is lacking in experience could make a critical mistake that may impact your right to recover compensation.

At the Quirk Law Group, we have the expertise that will be necessary if you want to ensure success in one of these claims. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Bakersfield public transportation accident attorney.