Alhambra Elder Abuse Attorney

As people get older, it is not uncommon for them to need the help and assistance of family or elder care professionals. While there is nothing unusual about these arrangements and they help older people to maintain a better quality of living, it does also open the door for potential abuse. This type of abuse can take many forms and the victims can be vulnerable in so many different ways. If you or someone that you care about has been the victim of this type of abuse, it is recommended that you contact an Alhambra attorney who specializes in elder abuse for more information about your rights.

What types of elder abuse are there?

The general public often misunderstands what the term elder abuse actually means. Many people assume that elder abuse only describes situations where a dependent senior is being actively harmed in a way that is strictly physical. The truth is that elder abuse includes physical assaults, but it also covers things like financial crimes, psychological abuse and neglect. This abuse can take place in a variety of different settings and the shocking fact is that while any person could be a potential perpetrator, more often than not, family members usually commit these offenses.

Evidence in an elder abuse case

Just like with any other type of lawsuit, a personal injury lawyer is going to need to produce evidence to prove the allegations of abuse. This evidence can come from many different places, but there are some forms that are commonly used to support claims of elder abuse. Financial records can be used to support claims of financial abuse and medical records can be used to support claims of physical abuse and neglect. Eyewitness testimony can also be very valuable in these cases. The stories from family members and healthcare professionals can all help to tie the evidence together in a cohesive narrative. Further, any investigation from a state agency may help to support the claim and provide additional evidence.

Contact an Alhambra elder abuse attorney

Elder abuse is a very serious matter and it does not get enough attention from the broader public. When abuse occurs, these crimes need to be reported and the victims deserve justice for what they have lost and for the suffering that has been inflicted upon them. The Alhambra elder abuse attorneys at the Quirk Law Group will fight hard to ensure that justice is done and that our clients get the compensation that they deserve.