Dog Bites on Runners in Thousand Oaks

Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC, protects runners who suffer dog bites while out for a run in Thousand Oaks. Our Thousand Oaks lawyers offer a free case consultation to all victims in Ventura County. Contact our office to schedule a confidential case review as soon as possible. You are under no obligation for this meeting. It’s an easy way to determine what your bite injury may be worth and who can be held responsible.

Do I Need a Lawyer After Getting Bitten By a Dog While Running?

If your dog bite results in more damage than just a few scrapes or minor cuts, you should discuss your case with a skilled Thousand Oaks attorney. When injuries are serious and involve something like deep puncture wounds or broken fingers, the recovery costs can include the expense of surgery and weeks of physical therapy. Runners may not even be able to take walks for a while.

These growing costs make insurance companies look for ways to deny victim’s claims. They’ll look to blame the runner for what happened or cast doubt on how serious an injury is. These tactics are used as excuses to reject an injury claim or to offer as little support as possible to dog-bite victims.

Your Thousand Oaks Dog Bite Lawyer combats these unfair practices and demands the most in support possible for what you’ve been through.

Who Should I Be Blaming After Getting Bitten by a Dog While Running?

Many dogs enjoy chasing things and a runner passing by can be an irresistible temptation. If a dog owner hasn’t restrained the dog properly, the dog can give chase at full speed and cause some real terror for someone on foot just trying to get some exercise.

An aggressive dog may bite whatever is in reach, a hand, a forearm, a thigh, or ankles. After runners receive emergency care, they may wonder if there’s any way to get help with their medical expenses now and those that lie ahead.

In California, dog owners are held accountable for the actions of their pets. Under the state’s “strict liability” dog bite laws, dog owners would be liable for bite injuries, even if the dog had never chased anyone or bitten anyone before.

The dog owner would be responsible except in a couple of situations:

  • The runner can’t have provoked the dog in some way.
  • The victim can’t have been trespassing for a run on private property when bitten.

Of course, running by a dog is not an example of “provoking” a dog. Thousand Oaks dog owners are fully responsible for keeping their dogs from being able to run out of a door or escape a yard to chase someone down. They must make sure dogs don’t have too long a leash on a walk to allow them to bite a passerby. Victims should demand the full support of the dog owner and the dog owner’s homeowners or renter’s insurance provider until they are 100% physically and financially recovered.

What If I’m Running and I’m Knocked Down by a Dog?

Runners might be injured by a pursuing dog, even if a bite isn’t involved. A dog can chase a frightened pedestrian out into a street to put them at risk of being hit by vehicles. A jumping dog could knock a runner to the ground to suffer a bone fracture or facial lacerations.

When the injuries don’t include a bite wound, “strict liability” wouldn’t apply. However, other personal injury laws would allow the victim to file an injury claim against the dog owner.

Your lawyer will be collecting evidence to show that the dog’s actions and the dog owner’s negligence led to your fall and injuries.

Compensation Available for Runners Bitten By Dogs

A dog attack on a runner can do more than leave a bloody wound or a broken bone. A bite can leave runners unable to take part in a hobby they love. They may be off their feet for weeks or months while dealing with physical pain and coping with the emotional trauma a violent attack can cause. They may experience a loss of enjoyment of life while dealing with such a difficult recovery.

These non-economic damages must be part of any dog bite settlement check, just like the victim’s every hospital bill and rehabilitation cost.

Your Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC, representative will be demanding compensation for these factors and more on your behalf:

  • Past medical invoices and those expected in the future.
  • Long-term support for any permanent disability. Money to pay for restorative surgery if a scar or a disfigurement is left behind.
  • Support for the physical pain suffered.
  • Support for the emotional trauma runners are left to cope with after a dog attack.
  • Money to pay for transportation to medical appointments and travel costs to see out-of-town specialists.
  • Lost paychecks while victims must miss work.

Contact a Thousand Oaks Dog Bite Lawyer

After a scary bite incident, victims should get the best medical care available without having to worry about how much hospital bills will be. Allow us to handle your case and fight for your rights, while you are given the time to focus on healing so you can get back to the jogs you enjoy.

Schedule a free case review with Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC. It’s a risk-free way to determine the level of support you should demand and how to hold a dog owner fully accountable. There’s no obligation, but if you feel we can help earn more in support for your family, you won’t need to bring any money with you. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for your family. Then our fee comes out of the settlement award you receive.