The small personal injury case Myth – Anita U.

Small personal injury claims are winnable.  They require hard work and diligence.  The following story of Anita U. is proof

Anita U. came to me after two previous firms turned her down.   Additionally, the insurance company made a determination the impact to her vehicle was too minor to produce any injuries and denied the small personal injury claim before she came to my office.

General Insurance Methodology for small personal injury claims

The insurance companies often rely solely on property damage pictures to say there is not enough force for injuries to result for many personal injury claims.  The insurance industry calls these MIST cases (Minor Impact Soft Tissue).  Very often and without knowing what is being claimed, insurance companies will send a boilerplate letter saying these was insufficient mechanism for injury.

Insurance claim denial 2This is fancy speak for saying your car was hit at a low speed therefore you cannot be injured.

As we know, this is BS.  People get injured in small personal injury cases. The proof is below.

Anita’s car

no property damage, small personal injurypersonal injury


The Injuries

personal injury damage AU5

The damage looks minimal, but the resulting injuries became severe.

Months after the collision and after many doctors’ visits, Anita was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I, which is a chronic pain condition in the limb that results from damage to the nervous system.

The Results are in the Details

CPRS is not well documented and not commonly know, but since my firm brings a methodical approach to each case, we were able to connect the dots the necessary to get the results.


Digging into the details helped provide the foundation for this case.  Moreover, Anita was diligent with her treatment, and her doctors exercised all avenues to try and figure out what was afflicting her.

The Rewards

The insurance company came to their senses after we battled them.  This case was tough, but because the client was diligent, the records were accurate and our firm was meticulous, we secured a very awesome six figure result.

The most important result is the gratitude from client and her family.  She showed faith in our ability, and we were able to get the results she desired and deserved.   The fringe benefit of taking care of our clients is that I have twice been invited to go fishing in Mexico with her family.

We take on all size cases.  We get results.  We are proud to be known as personal injury attorneys.