Pedicab Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego – Daniel F.

Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego

Daniel F., a pedicab personal injury client in San Diego, was passed over by other attorneys.  He came to me indebted with medical bills and with no recourse for the damages for his pedicab personal injury matter.

Pedicabs are part of the San Diego scene, and they provide entertainment, transportation, but can also be the source of great harm.  As was the case for Daniel and his pedicab personal injury.
photo 2 He found his way to a local chiropractor who treated him and restored him to health.

The Challenge was to track down the pedicab owner in order to find the insurance.

At that point, Daniel came to me and we went to work. Because pedicab companies evade responsibility for their drivers conduct, it was no easy task to find insurance for this San Diego pedicab personal injury matter.

The Solution was not easy, but we found the Resolution.

Because my firm has unique experience with pedicabs in the San Diego area, we have knowledge that each company is/was obligated to carry insurance policies of 100,000 per claim 300,000 per accident for each pedicab.

 The Process

Our office filed a public records request with the city. We received specific information about several pedicabs insured by the company that owned the pedicab that ran over Daniel.
My office tracked down the company using hard work, unique job experience and intellect to find a source of payment to cover Daniel’s losses.

The Resolution my team achieved.

Daniel’s bills were paid. He received just money for the distress, inconvenience, and anguish he went through while San Diego pedicab company jerked him around and attempted to evade responsibility for running him over.

Why We Do it. 

Our firm not only was able to assist Daniel, but we were able to ensure that public safety accountability was maintained.  Pedicab personal injury matters are no joke.  They are serious, and we are grateful to be able to help. Often our job lies in the details. The results we see can be twofold. We help consumers achieve results, and we  hold those who try to evade responsibility accountable for their conduct.